Rare Kidney Stones Consoritum


In Depth: Rare Kidney Stone Diseases


The Rare Kidney Stone Consortium’s (RKSC) goals are to advance the understanding of disease expression and the factors associated with renal injury in Primary Hyperoxaluria, Cystinuria, APRT Deficiency and Dent disease with the overall goals of developing new treatments directed at protecting renal function and reducing nephrocalcinosis and stone formation.

Ready availability of diagnostic testing, pooling of data from patient experience in registries, availability of tissue banks open to all investigators and the establishment of a consortium for cooperative exchange of information among investigators, clinicians and patients and a sharing of resources among researchers will improve care and outcomes for patients with the rare stone diseases and advance the science.

Primary Hyperoxaluria

Cystinuria (for patients)

APRT Deficiency

Dent Disease

Lowe Disease