PC Pilot and Feasibility Program Grant

The Porphyria Consortium (PC) will support Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) grants for projects in the area of porphyrias and heme biosynthesis aimed at generating preliminary data for inclusion in larger grant applications. Applicants are able to request up to a $30,000 maximum for the award. These funds are to include a maximum of 8% in indirect costs to the award institution. Funds may be used for basic, translational and/or clinical studies.

These one-year Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) subawards:

  • Applicants may be from any registered, domestic, eligible organization.
  • Preference is given to  early-stage investigators, such as postdocs and junior faculty, or established investigators embarking on a new research track  (i.e., investigators not currently working in nonmalignant hematology).
  • Research proposed must be within the mission of NIDDK Hematology and the scope of the PC. (https://www.niddk.nih.gov/research-funding/research-programs#hematologic-diseases) and (https://www.rarediseasesnetwork.org/cms/porphyrias) 
  • Applications require Institutional sign off by the applicant’s grant and contract office.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee of peers.

REVIEW CRITERIA: Applications will be assessed for the likelihood that the results generated will lead to a future, larger grant applications and for the ability of the investigators to carry out the research in alignment with the PC.

Applications due by April 15, 2020

Applications, only, should be uploaded as a single PDF file (11-point Arial font size and 0.5” margins) that must include:

  1. Title, PI and any Key personnel or Sponsor, abstract, 1 page 
  2. Project description, significance, 1 page 
  3. Figures and references page, 1 page 
  4. Budget, and justification, 1 page 
  5. NIH-style biosketch.

Please send a single PDF of your application to: Karli Hedstrom or Dr. John Phillips

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