Lectures from the 2020 SBP Rare Disease Day Symposium & CDG Family Conference

Dr. Melissa Merideth · Reproductive Health Issues in Females with CDG
Dr. Canice Crerand · Navigating Adolescence with CDG: Behavioral & Transition Needs
Dr. Christina Lam · CDG Genetics and Introduction to Gene Therapy
Dr. Hudson Freeze · CDG Updates and Perspectives
Dr. Andrew Edmondson · Models for CDG Research
Dr. Eva Morava-Kozicz · CDG Studies, Treatments and Future Therapies
Lynne Wolfe · Updates from the NIH CDG Natural History Study
Dr. Martinez Duncker · Summary of CDG Cases & Physician/Research Network in Latin America
Carlota Pascoal · CDG & Allies – PPAIN: The CDG Immunology Project
Karyn Searcy · Beyond the Diagnostic Label
Becki Cohill & Leah Foreman · Caring for the Caregiver
Philip Lindsley · Special Needs Trusts & Estate Planning