Why it is important to participate in research

Patient with clipboard

Patients as researchers. Vasculitis is a family of rare diseases and research is critically needed to learn more about the disease.

Research studies provide opportunities for patients to help find answers to the mysteries of these diseases.

Why should you participate?

Numbers are important

Numbers are important. Vasculitis is a rare disease. We need every patient with vasculitis to participate in research for which they are eligible so we can collect enough data to make definitive conclusions.


Patients who participate in research tend to have a better understanding of their disease and a closer relationship with their doctor. Many patients also express joy in participating in a community of people who want to cure these diseases.

Patients who participate in research make it possible for researchers to find new treatments, create new studies, and work for the improvement of all our lives. By joining this trial, you will be an active member of the research community.


Ability to participate in clinical research on your own terms.  This trial allows you to keep your own doctor and participate in clinical research when it is convenient for you. 

You can complete the surveys and interviews using your computer or smart phone while you are on the go or in the comforts of your own home without any additional travel.

What are the risks?

This trial does not pose any additional risks than those associated with regular treatment by your doctor.

However, participation in research may take up more of your time than routine care.

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Ready to join TAPIR?

  • For patients with diagnosed GPA
  • Participate from anywhere - online!
  • Must currently be in remission
  • Continue to see your own doctor

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