April 02, 2014

The Data Management and Coordinating Center (DMCC) and the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network Consortia Principal Investigators (PIs) met in Rockville, MD for their spring meeting. Dr. Jeffrey Krischer and Consortia PIs saw this meeting as an opportunity to thank Dr. Steve Groft once more in person for his lifetime achievement in rare diseases.

The dinner was well attended not only by the PIs and the Groft family, but also Dr. Rashmi Gopal-Srivastava, Dr. Christopher Austin, and Dr. Pamela McInnes.

It provided an opportunity for those present to personally speak about the unique role Dr. Groft played for so long in the support of rare diseases. Several PIs and others spoke appreciatively for all Dr. Groft accomplished. There was a presentation of a rocking chair to honor Dr. Groft, though few believe his energetic nature will allow him to be sedentary very long.

"I've never before seen so many opportunities and research activities related to rare diseases and orphan products and so many possibilities for therapeutic development. We are on the cusp of transformative and revolutionary breakthroughs, and I anticipate that I will be hearing more about NCATS's role in these areas in the years to come."

- Stephen C. Groft, Pharm.D

David Robertson, MD
May 2014