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Mitochondrial diseases are a challenge because they are probably the most diverse human disorders at every level: clinical, biochemical, and genetic. Although severity varies, by and large these are progressive and often crippling disorders. The NAMDC, working closely with the United Mitochondrial Foundation (UMDF), is working to address these difficult issues.

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Research offers no guarantees, but research cannot move forward without your help. Every active role a patient takes may possibly play a part in discovering new groundbreaking research and finding new treatments.

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*Enrolling in the RDCRN Contact Registry is not the same as enrolling in the NAMDC clinical patient registry.

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The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium Patient Registry and Biorepository is a clinical registry of patients with suspected or confirmed mitochondrial diseases. We are collecting medical and family history, diagnostic test results, and prospective medical information for these patients and, using agreed procedures developed by the leading research clinicians in the field, providing, for the first time, standardized diagnoses of these complex disorders for the patients.

*Enrolling in the NAMDC clinical patient registry is not the same as enrolling in the RDCRN Contact Registry.

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