Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium:
Consists of 43 centers in North America whose shared goal is to improve the outcome of patients with rare, life threatening, inherited disorders of the immune system.

PIDTC Research Training Grant Announcement 2021

A one-year PIDTC Research Training Grant in Primary Immunodeficiencies

The purpose of the award is to encourage research in primary immunodeficiencies, particularly related to treatment by, transplantation, gene therapy, or best available medical management

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Survey for X-linked female CGD carriers

Are you an X-linked female CGD carrier? Make sure your experiences are heard! Complete CGDAA’s online survey, designed in partnership with Dr. Jennifer Leiding at the University of South Florida (IRB#001208) and the Primary Immunodeficiency Treatment Consortium, to help researchers find out the symptoms and diseases that X-linked female CGD carriers experience. The results will enable us to raise awareness for the medical problems that X-linked female CGD carriers suffer so that we improve access to the appropriate health care for our women and girls. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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The PIDTC Can Help You:

 Learn more about inherited disorders of the immune system including newborn screening

 Quickly connect with experts in a PIDTC center in your area who diagnose and treat inherited immune disorders

 Learn about treatment options and new research studies for patients with these diseases

Answer questions your physician may have about immune disorders

 Connect with patient advocacy (support) groups

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Our Mission & Vision Statements

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
To foster collaborations across North America among researchers, physicians, allied health care workers, and patient advocacy groups with interest and expertise in primary immunodeficiency diseases. By working together, the PIDTC aims to promote research into basic, translational, and clinical science of blood and marrow transplantation, enzyme replacement, gene therapy and related treatments for primary immunodeficiency diseases.
Through collaborative research including multicenter prospective interventional trials, the PIDTC aims to enhance our understanding of primary immunodeficiency diseases and their therapies, with the goal of improving survival and quality of life for people living with these rare medical conditions.
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