CPIC Leadership

The CPIC is led by David Kimberlin, MD, PI of all pediatric studies conducted by the NIAID Collaborative Antiviral Studies Group (continually funded since 1973). Phase II and III studies conducted by Dr. Kimberlin and the study sites have resulted in label changes in the U.S. for oseltamivir, valganciclovir, and valacyclovir, and in the European Union for valganciclovir. He is assisted by an Executive Committee that includes partner leads (Mark Abzug, MD; Ravit Boger, MD; Greg Storch, MD; and Rich Whitley, MD) and a representative from the CPIC stakeholder group, the National CMV Foundation (Kristen Spytek, MA). This Foundation is the preeminent parent group for families impacted by CMV infection.

The CPIC Executive Committee has been charged with: 1) establishing policies and operating procedures; 2) responsibility for program development, including oversight of research projects and cores; 3) oversight of the CPIC evaluation process; 4) interfacing with the External Advisory Committee; and 5) making programmatic decisions.

Contact Information

Principal Investigator

David Kimberlin, MD

Clinical Trials Administrator

Jill Bailey-Griffin, RN, MSN

Regulatory Administrator

Susan Branscum

Program Management/Finance

Sarah Dowdy, MPH

Career Enhancement Administrator

Melissa McBrayer, MEd

Pilot Program Administrator

Cheryl Perry, PhD, MPH